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Much discussion, debate and arguments have taken place over the word atheism. Many questions have been left unanswered behind the word for people not involved with politics and religion. A question raised over and over again is – what does atheism mean – well to be honest this all depends on who is approached and asked this particular question. In general terms atheism is not seen as a religion like the way Christianity, Islam, and, Judaism are seen.

Atheism is restricted to a main issue that most people believe is a strong belief in the existence or non-existence of a god (deity). 
Some people on hearing the word Atheism will cringe at the sheer thought of a person turning their back on god or a god. Atheism may involve the positive assertion that there is no deity. Therefore giving folk the fuel to believe this is "strong Atheism."

Sadly to say that in the world today people are judged for what they believe in, which unfortunately in today’s modern society is causing major problems.

An atheist will have their own personal reasons why they believe in what they believe and should not be persecuted for this - just like that of the person who is not atheist

In the region of North America numbers show that to a certain degree that most of the inhabitants are Atheists. Dedicated Christians if asked will blatantly deny the existence of the Hindu, Ancient Roman, Mayan, Ancient Greek, Ancient Egyptian, Sikh, and Ancient Sumerian – even though they declare their belief in the Christian Trinity. So therefore the numbers are quite small between a true Christian and a true Atheist. Regardless of who you believe in - or do not believe in - is the main cause behind many political issues. Many countries in the world fight civil wars over religion.

Followers of atheism stick to their guns that no Gods exist at all; dedicated followers of Christianity stand firm and dismiss all other opinions. Christians believe that only one God exists in a certain structure, a Trinity -- whereas all of the other thousands of deities are nothing more that non existent artificial creations made up by human beings. Because of statements like these is why the rise to an argument can come about. Even though the figures are small in numerical difference i.e. less that 0.1%, it is the differential opinions which make it all immense. Their will always be the believer and the non believer - so like stated earlier – each to their own, whether it be believing or not believing.

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