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Whether you like it or not - love it or hate it - we are all involved with politics, we may not be sitting in the house of commons but we as well be because all the talks, discussions and debates that take place under that roof - affects all of us and our lives regardless of we have to say on the matter.How many people can hold their hand up and say they know what politics is. Remember politics is not a business transaction. It is not about exchanging one thing of value (coinage) for another thing of value (laws and policy).

What is politics, then? In a democracy, politics is the cooperative activity we engage in to achieve the things we cannot achieve individually. It operates and directs us in how we raise an army, construct motorways, ensure clean air and punish criminals. It is through politics that we debate policy choices, run elections elect officials etc.

The house of commons is where all the decision making processes are held. Members of parliament – other wise referred to as MPs you will find go to war with each other over political gestures of the other different parties’ opinions and directions.. It is Tony Blair is in office for the labour party. The prime minister will stand his ground and go to battle in the house of commons with all who oppose his decisions like the conservative and liberal democrats when he puts forward his opinion on political issues that he sees deemed as fit to administer.

Politics is going to be around for a long time - and the government will continue to raise the taxes, put up fuel prices and take the bread out of your mouth. So the only remedy for this is to watch where you mark your x the next time the general election comes round. Sorry this is politics so nothing changes regardless of which box you tick.

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