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President - Have you ever wondered what it takes or what is involved to be elected as the president of the United States – well for don’t even think of running for the position if you are under 35 years old? Other important issues are that you have to have been born in the country as well of having resided there for fourteen years.So what are you waiting for if you fit the bill?

Just like the football world cup and the Olympics – the president election takes place every four years because they are all important events. The date set for presidential election is always on the first Tuesday in the autumn month of November.  The newly fresh elected president goes into office on January 20th of the following year to take on the role of ruler of the country.  Did you know that presidents may only be elected two times in a row - unlike in the year 1951, when a president could be elected over and over again? 1951 was a time that seen major changes with now up to date laws where presidents can only be elected twice.  The newly elected president of the United States is only permitted to serve two terms but can serve them in a row or serve one term and wait until later to run again when they next four years comes around.. 

The president when in office naturally becomes commandeering chief of the armed forces.  His position enables him/her to make decisions granting pardons for those sentenced to death. Presidents and their job is not an easy role when they have to make major decisions on how to keep their country as well as others within the peace boundaries. Sadly it is a position where they are targets for those who are opposed the presidents decisions or just in general they don’t like the by assassins.

Past but not forgotten are the presidents of the white house that were assassinated were Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy.


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