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Terrorism is a major concern PDF Print E-mail
Terrorism is a major concern for every living being on the planet especially if they are a target for where an act of terrorism is going to be carried out. Unfortunately it seems that every country in the world is under threat from terrorist attacks and sadly to say we hold no crystal ball to predict any future bombings or whatever comes with what a terrorist attack includes. For those of you who want to know more – a terrorist is a person who engages in acts or an act of terrorism. How safe are we from terrorism is a question that is raised regular by the public. Well to be honest with all concerned parties – unfortunately it is a question with no definite answer as the world goes too war to stamp out terrorism.

Take the Al-Qaida who in numbers may have several hundred to several thousand members of this terrorist union. This is a group that is deeply involved with fighting for a cause that will not stop at nothing to win the battle. Their acts of terrorism entail murder. Dedicated followers of the Al-Qaida will go to no lengths in their support of their beliefs – where they have those that go on missions of killing innocent people by committing suicide themselves while carrying out the slaughter. These people are called suicide bombers.

The Al-Qaida operates globally and has a worldwide reach, has cells in a number of countries, and it is such a powerful force because of its connections where it is reinforced by its ties to Sunni extremist networks. Osama Bin Ladin founder of this group in the 1980s and his major lieutenants reside in the mountain caves of Afghanistan, and the group still maintain strong terrorist training camps there. Terrorism is first and foremost on all government prioritized list of duties.

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